Ft. Bragg Post-wide Yard Sale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Christmas?!  No, Ft. Bragg post-wide yard sale!  Okay, so Christmas is my favorite holiday, but pretty much right underneath that is the Bragg yard sale.  I have it marked on my calendar and eagerly count down the days and feverishly watch the weather reports each season it appears.  Each fall and spring, the neighborhood centers send out emails announcing that yard sale time is near.

Thanks to my mother in law, I am a garage sale junkie.  She taught me how to haggle mercilessly, wear shabby clothes to give the appearance that cash is not in abundance, and the power behind bringing kids along (who can turn down a cute little urchin when they ask for a bargain?)  It’s shameless, I know.  If you thrive on a good deal keep your eyes peeled for the notices posted on the bulletin board in front of each neighborhood entrance.  When the day arrives, you can pick almost any street at random and almost be guaranteed to find at least three… or fifteen garage sales.


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