Christmas Tree Shop

christmas tree shop

Okay, so I was super confused when I first heard about Christmas Tree Shop.  They sell Christmas trees?  No.  Christmas decorations year round?  Actually no, however, Christmas Tree Shop is a magical place.  How to describe it? I have never been anyplace like it.  It has Big Lots prices but is waaaay classier.  In one section they have a vast array of super cute plates, mugs, tea pots, anything to outfit a table.  In another section of the store are cards, candles, picture frames… think Hallmark.  There is a place for toys… we bought one of those cardboard cut-out, color yourself, rocket ships there.  And there is also a seasonal section.  Christmas stuff at Christmas, Easter stuff at Easter, Halloween stuff at… you get the idea.  They also have gourmet foods in one corner and another corner that is kind of like a Walgreens or CVS.  Oh yeah, and I didn’t even mention the section with bedding and curtains and home furnishings/art.  Located on Skibo across from Target and Best Buy, this place is really worth checking out.  For more information you can go to


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