Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC)

pwoc logo
One of the most vital necessities to thriving as a military wife is a solid group of friends.  When I was a new Army wife I had heard horror stories about wives clubs and the petty bickering/back stabbing that went on there.  Needless to say I was very cautious in my search for support.  Because of my timidity, it was a good year before I was aware of the vast array of good, wholesome women’s groups on Ft. Bragg.  Of these groups, the most vastly accessible is PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel), an organization sponsored by chaplains to offer Bible studies and spiritual growth to the women of Ft. Bragg.  I have met some of the most truly beautiful women there and I admire and aspire to their sincerity in loving God and loving those around them.

PWOC offers a spring and a fall semester, sometimes with a mini summer semester in between.  At the beginning of each semester there is a big kickoff where you can meet all of the teachers and review the classes that are available.  There are currently three chapels that offer classes: All American, Pope, and Linden Oaks.  All American Chapel also has night Bible studies to accommodate women who work.  If you are interested in more information, visit FortBraggPWOC on Facebook.


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