El Tucan

It was such a relief when we spotted El Tucan for the first time.  I am pretty sure I did a happy dance at the sight of a REAL Mexican restaurant!  Ft. Bragg was our first duty station after six months of AIT at Ft. Eustis, VA, and Virginia did not know the first thing about Mexican food. The closest they got there was Taco Bell and a place called Plaza Azteca (aka not the real thing).  My husband, Josiah, and I are both from Texas and well… we may just be some of the biggest Mexican food snobs around.

El Tucan is just a little family owned restaurant, right outside the Butner Gate in Spring Lake.  Spring Lake is not my favorite place and I am pretty sure there is a dark cloud that perpetually hovers over the town, but if there is a tiny ray of sunshine to be found, it beams down on a little place called El Tucan.  My husband is an expert at finding the absolute best thing on the menu and he and I both love a dish called El Burro de la Roquetta.  To quote the menu it is a, “Soft flour tortilla with delicious chicken or pork simmered in beer and topped with melted cheese, ranchero sauce, and pico de gallo.”  Amazing!


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