Counseling at the Watters Center

Let’s face it, Army life is tough.  Military members and their families face a unique set of challenges and high stress situations come with the territory.  Frequent moves, separation with deployment, and a constantly shifting social life are all expected stressors, but compact those with personal changes such as pregnancy, separation/divorce, and injury and your chances for illness and depression skyrocket. Sadly, many people don’t know where to turn when they are feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of life.

The Watters Center was a tremendous resource for me in coping with depression after I experienced two miscarriages back to back.  A free counseling ministry on post, the pastoral team at the Watters Center offers therapy for military families from a theological perspective.  I have often been surprised by how few people are aware of this ministry and I strongly advocate its cause to strengthen the Army on the home front.

If you are interested in receiving counseling from the Watters Center, you can contact them for an appointment at: (910) 396-6564


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