The Chapels of Ft. Bragg

main post chapel ft bragg
Church hunting can be a lot of work!  As important as it is to find a spiritual family when you move to a new home, the undertaking is sometimes awkward.  Perhaps it is my own vanity, but there have been times when I have felt the eyes of a congregation land on me and say, “Ah, a new person.  I haven’t seen her around before… she must be a heathen.”  My husband will shake his head and sigh at me for even admitting that, but surely sometimes at least it is true.

Luckily, built into most Army posts are chapels who understand that people are always coming and going in the military, friends must be made fast, and building a support for one another is vitally important.  Ft. Bragg is fortunate to have many chapels, with both Catholic and Protestant services, to accommodate its large population.

To find a chapel near you, check out:


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