Dogwood Festival

007Fayetteville is one of those places that takes a little work to see the beauty in. We first moved here in the winter when everything was dead and dreary; all the abandoned, run down shops seemed magnified in their ugliness, and I was beginning to wonder what we had gotten ourselves into. This was back before I knew that Murchison (The Murch) was a no-no street and that All American was a way nicer avenue to travel than Bragg Blvd; back when we lived on the Spring Lake/ Fayetteville border, ugh!
I was just beginning to despair of any redeeming value in the town when what to my wondering eyes, but the first signs of spring had arrived. Just a whisper of color at first and then, an explosion! There are flowering plants here and there in my hometown of Ft. Worth, Texas, but this was like nothing I had ever seen! Almost every single tree and shrub here flowers except for the pines, and even the pines here are draped in the wild grape like clusters of Wisteria vines and are adorned in the delicate yellows of Jasmine. I do not like to admit that any state or town can outdo anything in Texas, but sadly Fayetteville, North Carolina has outdone itself in spring.
The Dogwood tree is a trademark of Fayetteville, these delicate flowering beauties are everywhere and downtown holds a festival every spring in its honor. This is THE event of the year with shops and vendors lining the streets, face painting, a carnival, a Miss Dogwood Festival pageant, fireworks, and best of all, food! This year the Festival is going to be from the 25th-27th with fireworks on Friday night. This is a great chance to see all that Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg can offer.
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