Paraclete XP Sky Venture Indoor Skydiving


Today was my husband’s first weekend off in over a month and we were hoping to go on our first date since my 4 month old son, Jeremy, was born. As luck would have it, my husband is now sick and it has been cold and rainy since last night. I was wracking my brain this morning, trying to think of a fun place Jeremy and I could go to get out of the house, when I remembered my friend mentioning an indoor skydiving place that allowed spectators. All I could remember of the place was that it was North of Fayetteville on Raeford Road; so, I packed my son in the car and we took off. Luckily, the building is pretty easy to spot from the road.

Being a Saturday, today was very busy for Paraclete XP. Jeremy and I watched from the bleachers as groups and individuals rotated in 1-2 minute increments. I asked the ladies at the front desk why the increments were so short, and they explained that the wind tunnel is very physically taxing. One minute in the wind tunnel is projected to be about the same experience as a skydive from 13,000 ft. I was also taken aback to learn that children 2 and up can fly! Packages also include a pre-flight classroom course.

Right now, Jeremy’s attention span is relatively short, but I am looking forward to the near future when we can enjoy watching for longer than 15 minutes. I am thinking this might be a fun birthday gift for my husband.

For more info on Paraclete XP Sky Venture, visit:


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