Ft. Bragg Victory Garden

victory garden 2

Victory Garden. The very name makes me swell with pride. Although the term hardly has the same resonance of meaning as it did during the World Wars, there is still a great sense of pride in being part of a post sponsored community garden. I used to devour the American Girl books when I was a kid and I can vividly recall how Molly’s family began growing a Victory Garden during WWII to alleviate the strain on public food supply. The romantic in me longed to be part of a war effort and I knew in my heart that I could bravely face rationing and food stamps for “the boys overseas.”

Now, Ft. Bragg is hosting a Victory Garden! There are twenty garden plots this year and the plot holders were chosen by raffle. As long as you were a resident on post you could apply. Well, I am the lucky winner of plot 19! All good causes come with some resistance however, and this one would hardly be a worthy cause without some… quicksand! Surely enough, within a day or two of receiving our gardens, some of our plot holders found themselves knee-deep in soupy soil. A water line broke underground and turned our gardens into what one gardener described as, “brown applesauce.” Thankfully, Corvias was able to repair the lines and we hope in time our plots will be workable.

It is not yet known what next year will bring for our Victory Garden; whether we will expand and open up more plots for other gardeners or be replaced in the spring of 2015. If you have a green thumb and enjoy a good challenge, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities next year.



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