Brooklyn Pizzeria

brooklyn pizzeria

Ever crave a really greasy, really awful for your health, really amazing pizza? What if it were hand tossed in front of you? What if the portions were huge and way bigger than you really should eat, but you really don’t care? Then welcome to Brooklyn Pizzeria!

Last night I had just such a craving and the Brooklyn coupons on my fridge sealed the decision. We were going to order delivery, but the wait was over an hour; so, my husband went and picked it up. The restaurant is located on the Spring Lake/ Fayetteville border and a very convenient distance from post.

If you are brave and enjoy a good challenge… especially one that involves food… there is a pizza challenge you can try. Two people, one hour, 30 inch pizza. Need I say more? Yes! You can win $100 bucks and bragging rights if you win.

Pizzas aren’t your only option at Brooklyn Pizzeria, they also serve a large selection of subs as well as calzones, lasagna, etc. Seriously though, the portions are huge. A medium is way larger than what my husband and I can eat in a sitting.

For more info, including locations and full menu, visit:


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