Starrlight Mead

Starrlight Mead

When you think mead, what comes to mind? Robin Hood? Lord of the Rings? Would you ever think Pittsboro, North Carolina? If you  ever wanted to drink like a hobbit or a friar, it might be worth your while to visit Starrlight Mead!

My husband, Josiah, and I found a Groupon to this place and got so excited, we bought enough mead tastings for 8 people! Luckily we have enough friends who enjoy these kinds of novelties and were able to get up a small party to join us. Starrlight Mead is about an hours drive north of Ft. Bragg, but there is enough to do and see in Pittsboro to be worthwhile to make a day trip out of it.

Prepare your taste buds beforehand and do not anticipate the taste of wine. Mead has an entirely unique flavor and it would be best to wipe your mind clean of any preconceptions. Starrlight Meade has a wide selection of Meade infusions. There are fruit infusions such as: blackberry, peach, apple, and orange/cranberry. I prefer these the best. They also offer herbal infusions such as: chamomile, lavender, chai, ginger, etc. The folks who work here are very clever, and are often coming out with new flavors. The newest flavor that I am aware of is a chocolate orange.

We enjoyed the experience so much we joined the Friends of Mead Club for extra perks and offers.

For more info, you can visit:


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