2nd and Charles

2nd and charles

The big orange sign on Skibo vexed us for a long time, “2nd and Charles,” and in small letters, “Buy, Sell, and Trade.” Buy, sell, and trade what? My husband, Josiah, and I speculated every time we passed… Electronics? Clothes? Finally, after getting stuck at the light there long enough, we read in even smaller letters underneath, “Books, games, and technology.”

Well, that got our attention! We LOVE books and games. 2nd and Charles is a warehouse size building and has a vast selection of books in a wide variety of genres. They also sell movies, records, books on tape, comic books, and lots of metal advertising signs.

We discovered this store shortly after moving to Spring Lake, and the owners of the house we were renting abandoned about 200 DVDs. Most of the movies just weren’t our type; so, I traded them for $100 in store credit…  about what I might have got for them if I were able to sell every last one at a garage sale.


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