Bragg ‘n Barn

So, I thought I knew all there was to know about Bragg ‘n Barn… it’s a thrift shop for soldiers, what else is there to know? Well, as I was doing some research for this article I discovered that there is much more to Bragg ‘n Barn than meets the eye and it’s benefits to our military community are far reaching.

Located in an old mule barn from Ft. Bragg’s early days, the Bragg ‘n Barn is  just off the intersection of Reilly Road and Woodruff street. The intersection is easy to spot, as there are rows upon rows of long, brick mule barns on the north side of Reilly. The shop is stocked full of clothing, jewelry, baby items, kids toys, furniture, housewares, etc, all either donated or consigned. The benefit to the consumer is easy to see, reasonable prices for gently used items, but what most people do not know is where the profits go. Staffed mostly by volunteers, the profits are high. In 2011, Bragg ‘n Barn raised $39,541, all of which went to support organizations that benefit military families. Besides monetary donations, the shop distributed pet supplies to the animal shelter, children’s books and stuffed animals to the Red Cross, baby items and clothing to Save the Babies House of Refuge and much much more. They even used donated suitcases to help train the MP K-9 Unit drug and bomb sniffing dogs.

While the thrift store junkie in me has always enjoyed shopping at the Bragg ‘n Barn, I now feel a sense of pride in my patronage. This organization opens up many opportunities for us to give back to our community. Whether by volunteering as a clerk, donating our used items, or simply by doing some shopping, we can make a positive impact.



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