Gillis Hills Farm

gillis hills2
Ever long for simpler times? Maybe just a chance to get away from city hustle and bustle? A trip to Gillis Hills Farm may be just what you are looking for. You can enjoy home-made ice cream from a comfy rocker on the front porch of the farm house or stroll about the grounds and step back in time as you peruse outbuildings and farm tools that have been used for centuries. You can watch as water flows over the giant wheel of the two-story saw mill, see the various livestock that live on the farm, or even have a picnic by the pond.

Just down the road is the Gillis Hill Road Produce, a pick-your-own produce farm, open from the beginning of strawberry season in April to the end of collard season in January. This produce stand sells a wide variety of fruits and veggies, jams and jellies, honey and apple cider. In October, they even offer a haunted house, a haunted corn maze, a corn maze for kids, and wagon rides!

For more info visit: and the Gillis Hill Road Produce Facebook page


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