Blue Moon Cafe

As often as I have passed by Blue Moon Cafe on my antique shopping adventures downtown, I have never had the chance to stop in. The cafe has always drawn me. Even just the name, “Blue Moon Cafe,” appeals to the ear and conjures a jazzy/bluesy ambiance. The laughter of patrons relaxing on the front patio beckons one to stop and just chill for a while.

This week, however, I met a girlfriend downtown for some shopping and we thought we would give Blue Moon a try. Oh, my goodness! The food is amazing! It is very rich, but only in the very best way. My friend had the crab dip, which came with pita and vegetables, and I had the C.A.B Panini (roasted chicken breast, granny smith apple, and Brie Cheese). We followed up with a Chocolate and Brie Panini (croissant with chocolate, brie, and raspberry sauce) and a Brownie Sundae a la Mode.  The menu is composed mostly of dips, paninis, soups and salads, and pizza. Also offers alcoholic beverages.

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