Betsy’s Crepes


I first discovered Betsy’s Crepes a year ago this summer, when my girlfriends and I met in Southern Pines to take advantage of the farmer’s market. We stopped at Betsy’s Crepes for brunch and, oh my goodness, their crepes are delicious! With choices of sweet crepes, such as Le Sweet Gabby (Brie cheese, brown sugar, strawberries & honey) or savory crepes, such as the Soprano (Sausage, ham, bacon, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella & garlic cream sauce), it was impossible to decide what to order. I finally settled down with a steaming cup of coffee and a Marie Antoinette (strawberries and Nutella).

Besides the charm of Betsy’s Crepes, it is worth making the excursion away from Ft. Bragg simply to bask in the culture of Southern Pines. The combination of this cozy cafe, along with the draw of the various shops and boutiques that line Broad Street is  certainly worth the drive.

For more info, visit:


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