Pick Your Own Strawberries and Blueberries

It’s almost that time of year again! Strawberry season is just around the corner, and here in Fayetteville that means it’s time to pull out the straw hats and the sunscreen and go pick your own. It’s much cheaper to get your strawberries and blueberries this way and more fun too!

Last year we picked about eleven pounds of strawberries and made tons of strawberry jelly and strawberry rhubarb pie. In fact, we only just ran out of last year’s jelly one month ago… not too shabby! There are a ton of farms around here to pick your fruit; last year we went to Gross Farms. My son was just a year old at the time and I spent most of my time trying to keep him from making his own strawberry jelly in his clenched little fists. Now that he’s two and has better motor skills, I am really looking forward to going strawberry picking again.

Strawberries aren’t the only popular crop around here either, blueberries are the other major fruit crop. We didn’t get to pick blueberries last year, but I am hopeful we can try it this time around. These are just a few strawberry and blueberry farms in the local area:

Gillis Hills Farm: http://www.gillishillfarm.com

Gross Farms: http://www.grossfarms.com/strawberries

Bunce Brothers Farms: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bunce-Brothers-Farms-Inc/194755410560777

Carter Blueberry Farm: http://www.carterblueberries.com

McNeill Strawberries: 1471 Cliffton McNeill Rd, Hope Mills, NC 28348

Stedman Blueberries: 5991 Sydney Bullard Rd, Stedman, NC 28391






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