Cameron Antique Street Fair

cameron street fair

Going antique shopping is like going on a treasure hunt, you never know what you are going to find but when you pair a great antique with a great deal, you feel like you have won. One of my favorite places to go for antiques is a quaint little town north of Ft. Bragg called Cameron.

Lining the main street are charming old shops stocked to the brim with treasures. Wine tastings are offered at McPherson’s Store (this is where my husband and I discovered North Carolina wines for the first time) and Old Hardware Antiques boasts the Dewberry Deli in its basement, where shoppers often stop for lunch.

Cameron is a fun town at any time of year, but my absolute favorite time to go is during the “Cameron Antique Street Fair.” Vendors pack the streets, alleys, and fields throughout town. Last year we arrived at 9am and stayed til 5pm and STILL didn’t get to see everything. By the end of the day, the Radio Flyer wagon we had brought for my son, Jeremy, to ride in was filled to teetering and eventually Jeremy got kicked out and had to ride in the Ergo.  We got so many good buys, my favorite being a set of Pyrex bowls I’d had my eye on for several weeks. I told my husband the specs on the Pyrex I was looking for: Eggshell blue, Cinderella bowls with Amish print, set of four. He told me there was no way we would find exactly what I wanted and truly by the end of the day I was beginning to believe him. We were down to the very last booth of the evening, when lo-and-behold, there they were! A little bit of haggling and we had them for compatible price. I had won!

This year the fair is on May 7th; so, mark your calendars, this is an event you don’t want to miss!

For more info, visit:


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