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Calling all crunchy mamas of Fayetteville. If Bumbledoo is not already on your radar, please take note. Whether cloth diapering is your thing, or your kid just broke his amber necklace and you need another, or you are on the lookout for all-natural diaper creams, teething oils, nipple salves, etc. Bumbledoo may just be the shop for you. This store offers a variety of baby carriers, including: ring slings, Boba wraps, Boba Carriers, and Tula Carriers. Bumbledoo also offers free classes, including: babywearing, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering. Look out for the monthly military discount day and Grandparents day (which is every 4th Friday) for 10% discounts.

For more information, visit:


Bragg ‘n Barn

So, I thought I knew all there was to know about Bragg ‘n Barn… it’s a thrift shop for soldiers, what else is there to know? Well, as I was doing some research for this article I discovered that there is much more to Bragg ‘n Barn than meets the eye and it’s benefits to our military community are far reaching.

Located in an old mule barn from Ft. Bragg’s early days, the Bragg ‘n Barn is  just off the intersection of Reilly Road and Woodruff street. The intersection is easy to spot, as there are rows upon rows of long, brick mule barns on the north side of Reilly. The shop is stocked full of clothing, jewelry, baby items, kids toys, furniture, housewares, etc, all either donated or consigned. The benefit to the consumer is easy to see, reasonable prices for gently used items, but what most people do not know is where the profits go. Staffed mostly by volunteers, the profits are high. In 2011, Bragg ‘n Barn raised $39,541, all of which went to support organizations that benefit military families. Besides monetary donations, the shop distributed pet supplies to the animal shelter, children’s books and stuffed animals to the Red Cross, baby items and clothing to Save the Babies House of Refuge and much much more. They even used donated suitcases to help train the MP K-9 Unit drug and bomb sniffing dogs.

While the thrift store junkie in me has always enjoyed shopping at the Bragg ‘n Barn, I now feel a sense of pride in my patronage. This organization opens up many opportunities for us to give back to our community. Whether by volunteering as a clerk, donating our used items, or simply by doing some shopping, we can make a positive impact.


2nd and Charles

2nd and charles

The big orange sign on Skibo vexed us for a long time, “2nd and Charles,” and in small letters, “Buy, Sell, and Trade.” Buy, sell, and trade what? My husband, Josiah, and I speculated every time we passed… Electronics? Clothes? Finally, after getting stuck at the light there long enough, we read in even smaller letters underneath, “Books, games, and technology.”

Well, that got our attention! We LOVE books and games. 2nd and Charles is a warehouse size building and has a vast selection of books in a wide variety of genres. They also sell movies, records, books on tape, comic books, and lots of metal advertising signs.

We discovered this store shortly after moving to Spring Lake, and the owners of the house we were renting abandoned about 200 DVDs. Most of the movies just weren’t our type; so, I traded them for $100 in store credit…  about what I might have got for them if I were able to sell every last one at a garage sale.

Christmas Tree Shop

christmas tree shop

Okay, so I was super confused when I first heard about Christmas Tree Shop.  They sell Christmas trees?  No.  Christmas decorations year round?  Actually no, however, Christmas Tree Shop is a magical place.  How to describe it? I have never been anyplace like it.  It has Big Lots prices but is waaaay classier.  In one section they have a vast array of super cute plates, mugs, tea pots, anything to outfit a table.  In another section of the store are cards, candles, picture frames… think Hallmark.  There is a place for toys… we bought one of those cardboard cut-out, color yourself, rocket ships there.  And there is also a seasonal section.  Christmas stuff at Christmas, Easter stuff at Easter, Halloween stuff at… you get the idea.  They also have gourmet foods in one corner and another corner that is kind of like a Walgreens or CVS.  Oh yeah, and I didn’t even mention the section with bedding and curtains and home furnishings/art.  Located on Skibo across from Target and Best Buy, this place is really worth checking out.  For more information you can go to

Ft. Bragg Post-wide Yard Sale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Christmas?!  No, Ft. Bragg post-wide yard sale!  Okay, so Christmas is my favorite holiday, but pretty much right underneath that is the Bragg yard sale.  I have it marked on my calendar and eagerly count down the days and feverishly watch the weather reports each season it appears.  Each fall and spring, the neighborhood centers send out emails announcing that yard sale time is near.

Thanks to my mother in law, I am a garage sale junkie.  She taught me how to haggle mercilessly, wear shabby clothes to give the appearance that cash is not in abundance, and the power behind bringing kids along (who can turn down a cute little urchin when they ask for a bargain?)  It’s shameless, I know.  If you thrive on a good deal keep your eyes peeled for the notices posted on the bulletin board in front of each neighborhood entrance.  When the day arrives, you can pick almost any street at random and almost be guaranteed to find at least three… or fifteen garage sales.