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Noble Meats

noble meatsThese last few months I have become more conscientious of the need for good stewardship in the treatment of our livestock and the quality of the meats we consume. My quest for traditionally raised meats did not take me far from home. Noble Meats is just down the street at the intersection of Manchester and Lillington in Spring Lake. Not only have I found them to be great butchers, but they also sell some outstanding barbeque!

Before I adopted Noble Meats as my family butcher, I had no idea what I was missing! There is something special about having somebody who knows me, who knows exactly where their meat is from, and can cut my meat just the way I request it. There is a kind of sense of community.

Whether you are concerned about the quality of meat you feed your family or you would just like to be able to know your butcher by name, Noble Meats is well worth a try!

For more info, visit: https://www.facebook.com/NobleMeats/?fref=ts




Fayetteville Pie Co.


Can I just say, “Yum!” This brand new restaurant, near downtown Fayetteville, came to my attention when one of my girlfriends suggested we meet there for lunch. We got there slightly before they opened and already the place was buzzing. Open just for the lunch crowd, Fayetteville Pie Co. serves both sweet and savory pies for a sweet price of $12 for one of each.

The menu is always changing as this new company is constantly trying fresh recipes and testing which ones are the favorites. I tried a delicious pulled pork and sweet potato pie and a s’mores pie and was blown away. The pulled pork and sweet potato was a robust medly of flavors that kept me coming back for more. Each bite of s’mores pie was full and creamy, the sort of flavor you just let sit on your tongue for a while to let it all sink in. My only regret was that I ordered two very rich pies. My friend tried a chicken cordon bleu pie which was astounding and I may have gotten a little bit of order envy.

I give Fayetteville Pie Co. a thumbs up and can’t wait to come back with the husband!

For more info check out: www.fayettevillepiecompany.com













Blue Moon Cafe

As often as I have passed by Blue Moon Cafe on my antique shopping adventures downtown, I have never had the chance to stop in. The cafe has always drawn me. Even just the name, “Blue Moon Cafe,” appeals to the ear and conjures a jazzy/bluesy ambiance. The laughter of patrons relaxing on the front patio beckons one to stop and just chill for a while.

This week, however, I met a girlfriend downtown for some shopping and we thought we would give Blue Moon a try. Oh, my goodness! The food is amazing! It is very rich, but only in the very best way. My friend had the crab dip, which came with pita and vegetables, and I had the C.A.B Panini (roasted chicken breast, granny smith apple, and Brie Cheese). We followed up with a Chocolate and Brie Panini (croissant with chocolate, brie, and raspberry sauce) and a Brownie Sundae a la Mode.  The menu is composed mostly of dips, paninis, soups and salads, and pizza. Also offers alcoholic beverages.

For more info, visit: www.faytogo.com/r/101/restaurants/delivery/Blue-Moon-Cafe-Fayetteville


Brooklyn Pizzeria

brooklyn pizzeria

Ever crave a really greasy, really awful for your health, really amazing pizza? What if it were hand tossed in front of you? What if the portions were huge and way bigger than you really should eat, but you really don’t care? Then welcome to Brooklyn Pizzeria!

Last night I had just such a craving and the Brooklyn coupons on my fridge sealed the decision. We were going to order delivery, but the wait was over an hour; so, my husband went and picked it up. The restaurant is located on the Spring Lake/ Fayetteville border and a very convenient distance from post.

If you are brave and enjoy a good challenge… especially one that involves food… there is a pizza challenge you can try. Two people, one hour, 30 inch pizza. Need I say more? Yes! You can win $100 bucks and bragging rights if you win.

Pizzas aren’t your only option at Brooklyn Pizzeria, they also serve a large selection of subs as well as calzones, lasagna, etc. Seriously though, the portions are huge. A medium is way larger than what my husband and I can eat in a sitting.

For more info, including locations and full menu, visit: www.brooklynpizzeriainc.com

El Tucan

It was such a relief when we spotted El Tucan for the first time.  I am pretty sure I did a happy dance at the sight of a REAL Mexican restaurant!  Ft. Bragg was our first duty station after six months of AIT at Ft. Eustis, VA, and Virginia did not know the first thing about Mexican food. The closest they got there was Taco Bell and a place called Plaza Azteca (aka not the real thing).  My husband, Josiah, and I are both from Texas and well… we may just be some of the biggest Mexican food snobs around.

El Tucan is just a little family owned restaurant, right outside the Butner Gate in Spring Lake.  Spring Lake is not my favorite place and I am pretty sure there is a dark cloud that perpetually hovers over the town, but if there is a tiny ray of sunshine to be found, it beams down on a little place called El Tucan.  My husband is an expert at finding the absolute best thing on the menu and he and I both love a dish called El Burro de la Roquetta.  To quote the menu it is a, “Soft flour tortilla with delicious chicken or pork simmered in beer and topped with melted cheese, ranchero sauce, and pico de gallo.”  Amazing!