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Fayetteville Pie Co.


Can I just say, “Yum!” This brand new restaurant, near downtown Fayetteville, came to my attention when one of my girlfriends suggested we meet there for lunch. We got there slightly before they opened and already the place was buzzing. Open just for the lunch crowd, Fayetteville Pie Co. serves both sweet and savory pies for a sweet price of $12 for one of each.

The menu is always changing as this new company is constantly trying fresh recipes and testing which ones are the favorites. I tried a delicious pulled pork and sweet potato pie and a s’mores pie and was blown away. The pulled pork and sweet potato was a robust medly of flavors that kept me coming back for more. Each bite of s’mores pie was full and creamy, the sort of flavor you just let sit on your tongue for a while to let it all sink in. My only regret was that I ordered two very rich pies. My friend tried a chicken cordon bleu pie which was astounding and I may have gotten a little bit of order envy.

I give Fayetteville Pie Co. a thumbs up and can’t wait to come back with the husband!

For more info check out: www.fayettevillepiecompany.com